Golden Corral Coupons


Golden Corral Coupons.

Looking for specials and coupons for the Golden Corral Buffet restaurant? Then you have come to the right place. We collect and list all the latest Golden Corral coupons (Buy One Get one Free), Birthday deals and special promotions on one page.

Golden Golden Coupons – Get One Buy One Free.

The newest Golden Corral birthday promotion is a Buy One Get One Free Buffet coupon, which you get as a special gift on your birthday. See the comment section for more.

Golden Corral Weekly Specials.

Golden Corral is constantly rolling out new promotions and it can be hard to make heads or tails of which deals are current.



The restaurant runs a popular weekly promotion with a different deal every day:

Here is the list:

  • Monday night’s spotlight is non-stop Shrimp and Seafood.
  • Tuesday night is $2.99 Kid’s Night, where children ages 4-12 eat for only $2.99 with the purchase of an adult buffet. (limit two per adult buffet purchase).
  • Wednesday is all-you-can eat Wings!
  • Thursday is the Best Of BBQ night, including all your cook-out favorites.
  • Friday night is Fish Fry Night, featuring bone-in catfish and catfish fillets.
  • Saturday nights include all Hot Off The Grill favorites (USDA sirloin filets, BBQ chicken breasts, and grilled chops).
  • Sundays Special is the premium Carver’s Buffet selections like hand-carved whole roasted turkey and spicy cajun sausage.

Golden Corral Menu Prices for 2015 and 2016.

We have added the comple Golden Corral Menu with prices for you, here:

Golden Corral Prices.

Newer coupons and deals will be added in the comment section below.

Bon Appetit!

-Golden Corral Coupons 2015 – Buy One Get One Free Specials-

Golden Corral Coupons
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  1. francine obrien says:

    i would like a birthday coupon my birthday is oct 30 and my husbands is oct 19. we will be going to the lehigh valley golden corral, nov 5

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    • AllFoodMenuPrices says:

      You must register at Golden Corral for the Good as Gold club first, to get the free birthday special gift. Register at

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  2. reva joyce hatcher says:

    love your food!

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  3. FREE 5$ bonus card with $25 Golden Corral gift card says:

    TIP: Save money at Golden Corral with Bonus Cards or Gift Cards! You can typically save 5% to 10% by buying Golden Corral gift cards at a gift card vendor site like

    Golden Corral will also give you a FREE 5$ bonus card if you purchase a $25 gift card. You can buy gift cards here:

    However, turn to eBay for even greater savings. Some sellers on eBay sell $5 Bonus Cards in bulk with a discount. Simply search eBay for “Golden Corral Coupon” or “Golden Corral Bonus card”. Typically, you can buy 70$ worth of $5 bonus cards for $45. Just make sure that you read the small print. The bonus cards are only valid for a certain period, like from 1/1/2016 to 2/10/2016 and often shipping costs are not included. Still, a good deal can be had!

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  4. James Hill says:

    I love your breakfast

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  5. Take Customer Satisfaction Survey and win $1000 says:

    Take The Customer Satisfaction Survey For A Chance To Win $1,000 & Other Prizes. There are 10x$1000 prices every day.How it works: Simply complete Golden Corral’s customer satisfaction survey and you will get the chance to win $1,000, plus other great prizes. Take the surevey here:
    Alternatively, you can call 1-855-697-4569 and complete the survey over the phone.

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  6. Free Camp Corral summer camp for military children says:

    You can now apply to have your child attend the free Camp Corral summer camp for military children.
    You can apply here:

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  7. NEW All-You-Can-Eat Baby Back Ribs Special at Golden Corral says:

    New All-You-Can-Eat Baby Back Ribs promotion. All-You-Can Eat Ribs for just $11.99, every day after 4pm and Sunday after 11am. Beverages and Taxes are NOT included.

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  8. NEW Golden Corral Seafood Spectacular says:

    Golden Corral has introduced a NEW Seafood Spectacular. Endless jumbo shrimp, crispy fish tacos, unlimited teriyaki glazed salmon, fried calamari with Italian red sauce, endless bone-in catfish, for the price of $11.99. Drinks are not included. The Seafood Spectacular starts every night at 4pm and Sundays after 11am. Unlimited everything for just $11.99.

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  9. Golden Corral Buy 1 Get 1 Free Buffet Coupon says:

    Join the new Golden Corral “Good As Gold” Club and receive a Welcome Surprise, a special gift for your birthday and news on Golden Corral menu changes and special promotions. Every Golden Corral restaurant will honor the deals.
    You can sign up at www.

    The typical Signing Up “Welcome Surprise” is a a coupon for a free beverage with a buffet purchase.
    The typical “Birthday Gift” is a Buy One Get One Free Buffet coupon.
    Bon Appetit!

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    • Wanda gay says:

      I signed up, with my husband. Its my birthday and I want to go for dinner. I have never received anything back yet from Golden Corral??

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