Waffle House Coupons


Waffle House Coupons.

Waffle House occasionally offers free waffles or a free hashbrown with a printable coupon. (Monday to Friday only). The coupons below are valid until March 4th, 2015 0r March 8 2016.

We will add new coupons as they become available, in the comment section.

Waffle House Coupon for free waffles.

One Free Classic Waffle. Limit one per customer per visit. Valid Monday – Friday only. Expires on 03/04/2015.




Waffle House coupons for free hashbrown.

Get One Free Regular Hashbrowns. Dine-In Only. Valid at participating locations only. Expires on 03/03/2015.

waffle house coupons. Free Hashbrown

Free Hashbrown Coupon – 2016.

This coupon will net you a free hashbrown at Waffle House, by presenting it for your server.


The Full Waffle House Menu. 

For the full Waffle House Menu with prices, please see our page:

Waffle House Menu.

You can also add coupons in the comment section yourself. Just include a link a description.


Waffle House Coupons
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  1. Waffle House Birthday Coupon says:

    Free Hashbrown for your birthday. You will get a coupon for a free hashbrown sent to you the week prior to your birthday by signing up for the Waffle House Regulars Club. You must be 13 years or older to join.

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  2. Waffle House coupon for FREE Hashbrowns says:

    Did you know that you will get a coupon for FREE Hashbrowns emailed to you, when you sign up with Waffle House Regulars Club, at http://www.wafflehouse.com/regulars-club/

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  3. Free waffles with “Roadie” says:

    Free waffles with “Roadie” App download.
    Waffle House has teamed up with Roadie, the new peer-to-peer delivery service. People sending packages via Roadie can designate a nearby Waffle House closest to them as a neutral meeting place for the package exchange. There will be signage promoting the app at all Waffle Houses, and drivers can get a free waffle when they download Roadie and free drinks whenever they’re on a delivery.

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